Club Constitution and Rules

The club is a properly constituted and registered Incorporated Society. The Constitution and Rules are there to establish the procedures for managing the club and it’s activities as well as protecting the members of, and the club as a whole.

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1. Club Name

2. Aims and Objectives

3. Non Profit Status

4. Membership

5. Membership Fees

6. Termination of Membership

7. Annual General Meeting

8. Special General Meetings

9. Committee Meetings

10. Procedure in Voting at Meetings

11. Notice of Meetings

12. Alteration of Rules

13. Procedure for Raising Issues of Concern

14. Powers and Duties of the Committee

15. The committee

16. Death or Retirement of Committee Members

17. Records

18. Control of Funds

19. Auditor

20. The Financial Year

21. Registered Office

22. Common Seal

23. Pre-Function Bookings and Booking Deposits

24. By-Laws


The name of the Society is Linkline Social Club Incorporated [referred to in the rules as "the Club"]


2.1 To provide a rallying point and a means for single and unattached people to acquire new friendships and to generally enhance their social activities

2.2 To bring to the attention of and make accessible to members a wide range of activities to meet the varying budgets of all the members.

2.3 To allow members to participate in club activities of their own choice.


The Club will not engage in any activities involving private pecuniary profit.


(a) Applicants for membership must be single.

(b) Prospective members cannot attend more than two functions prior to lodging an application form for membership.

(c) Applications for membership shall be on the form provided by the club.

4.1 The Application form will have as a minimum provision:

(a) Name, address, contact telephone numbers, gender and age grouping.

(b) Activity interests and annual activity contribution.

4.2 Every member shall be bound by the constitution and rules of the club and shall indemnify the Club and the organizers against any loss, injury, accident untoward event involving Club activity.

4.3 Full membership will be granted after:

(a) Membership application details verified correct.

(b) The member has paid the subscription.

4.4 (a) Members may bring guests to advertised functions after notification to a Committee member of their intention.

(b) Not more than two functions may be attended as a guest.

4.5 A copy of current Club rules will be supplied on request to every new member.


5.1 All fees shall be set at an Annual General or special Meeting.

5.2 A non-refundable application fee as prescribed at an Annual General or Special Meeting is payable upon applying for membership. This is a once only fee. A member who resigns from the Club and at a later date seeks to rejoin will have this fee waived.

5.3 Annual membership fees are payable in advance.

5.4 An Unfinancial Member shall be a member whose subscription is overdue for a period of up to six weeks, after which time their membership will lapse.

5.5 (a) Members of the Committee will pay no subscription while in office.

(b) The committee shall have the discretion to waive the subscription of a club member who is providing exceptional service to the club.


6.1 Any member may resign their membership by advising the Secretary in writing.

6.2 Members who have resigned, forfeit all rights to, and claims upon the Club, its property and funds, but shall not be discharged or freed from any liabilities to the club, which may have been accrued by that member.

6.3 If any member has acted in a way that is harmful to the Club that member’s membership may be terminated by a decision of the committee provided that:

(a) Objections to new or existing membership must be submitted in writing to the Secretary and decided by a Committee quorum.

(b) The Committee notifies the member concerned of the proposed termination and the reasons for it.

(c) The member is given the opportunity to be heard at a confidential meeting with the Committee, so long as a quorum status has been reached for the meeting so called. The member is given at least seven days notice to attend the committee meeting. A majority vote of two thirds of Committee members are required for suspension or expulsion.

6.4 Acts harmful to the Club shall include:

(a) Behaviour that brings the Club or any individual into disrepute.

(b) Alcohol and drug related problems.

(c) Intimidating, threatening or violent behaviour.

(d) Offensive language.

(e) Wilful damage to property.

6.5 The Committee may terminate a Club membership if it considers that a member has been tardy in the payment of the club of fees or expenses levied in respect of any social activity in which the member has participated. Provided the member shall have been given fourteen days notice in writing to make the full payment.

6.6 All terminations to club membership must first be approved by the committee before these names can be removed from membership lists, that the reason for termination be recorded and that no re-issuing of that membership number will take place.

6.7 Any expelled member shall forfeit all rights or claims upon property of the Club but it is still liable under section 6.2.


7.1 The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held each year no later than the 30th September, at a time and place decided by the Committee.

7.2 The business of the meeting will include:

(a) Confirmation that minutes of the meeting will be recorded.

(b) Apologies.

(c) Presentation of the previous Annual General Meeting minutes.

(d) Presentation of the financial accounts, duly audited for the preceding year.

(e) Election of a President.

(f) Election of a Secretary.

(g) Election of a Treasurer.

(h) Election of General Committee members.

(i) Election of a Vice President who must also be a Committee member.

(j) The consideration of any other business.

(k) Presentation of the asset register.

(l) The setting of the membership subscription and fees.


8.1 Any ten financial members may request a Special General Meeting of the Club.

8.2 The request must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary.

8.3 The request will specify the objects of the Special General Meeting.

8.4 Within nine days of receiving the request for a Special General Meeting, the Secretary will send by post to all members, notice of such meeting, specifying the time, place and matters to be discussed there, giving members not less than fourteen clear days notice of the meeting.

8.5 The Special General Meeting shall be held within twenty-four days of receiving the request.


9.1 Committee Meetings will be held monthly and that dates of these meetings to be written into the activity programme.

9.2 Any member of the Committee, absenting themselves from two consecutive meetings without prior apology to the committee shall be deemed to have vacated their office.


10.1 The President shall take the chair at all Annual General and / or Special General Meetings of the club. If at any such meeting the President, or Vice-President are not present, then the members of the Committee will elect a chairman.

10.2 The quorum of the Executive Committee will be three.

10.3 The quorum at Committee Meetings shall consist of seven.

10.4 The quorum at all Annual General or Special General Meetings shall be twenty percent (20%) of financial members.

10.5 Decision making at meetings shall be by majority agreement, except for Amendments to Club Rules and Regulations which will require a consensus of 2/3 [(two thirds, see rule 12.1) and a unanimous acceptance for membership status by a committee quorum (see rule 4.4 (d)].

10.6 Voting will be by a secret ballot, unless determined otherwise by the majority attending the meeting.

10.7 At all Annual General and Special General meetings of the Club every financial member shall be entitled to one vote and in the event of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote. [i.e., a second vote].

10.8 A Committee member may delegate another Club member [proxy] to represent them at a Committee meeting they are unable to attend. The proxy’s voting rights shall be confined to items pertaining to that committee member’s portfolio. A letter from the Committee member unable to attend, which identifies the proxy, must be in the hands of the Committee prior to the commencement of the meeting.


11.1 Notice of the Annual General Meeting will be given in writing by the secretary at least ten days in advance and the notice of a Special General Meeting will be given in writing by the secretary at least fourteen days in advance. The notice shall give the time, date, place and agenda of the meeting.

11.2 Notice for a Special General Meeting will include reasons for calling the meeting.


12.1 The rules of the Club may be altered, added to, or rescinded at any Annual General or Special General Meeting provided that notice in writing setting out such alterations, addition or rescission has been posted to members with the notice of the meeting not less than fourteen clear days prior to the meeting.

12.2 Any member may seek rule changes by sending a remit in writing to the Secretary. This remit must be given to the Secretary not less than twenty eight days prior to an Annual General or a Special General Meeting.

12.3 The remit must be passed or rescinded by two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting.

12.4 The Committee shall within seven days register any such alterations, addition or rescission with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

12.5 The Secretary will update the rules with the approved changes as soon as confirmation is received that these have been registered. When submitting rule changes for registration the rules and index should be renumbered as required. The current date at time of reprinting should be inserted on the front page under the heading, prior to the index.


13.1 Any financial member of the Club having an issue or issues for the committee must put this in writing to the Secretary for consideration at the next committee meeting.

13.2 In addition to 13.1, if a member wishes to raise the issue in person before the committee notice must also be given to the Secretary 7 days prior to the meeting. Such issues will be heard prior to the commencement of a regular committee meeting.


14.1 The management and control of the affairs of the club shall be vested in the committee in accordance with the constitution and rules of the Club.

14.2 The powers of the Committee shall include:

(a) The Committee will select a range of activities on a regular but ad hoc basis and encourage members to contribute other activities by arranging their own with assistance and facilities available through the Club if required.

(b) To encourage and welcome new members.

(c) To expand operations into other regions to widen the range of activities, members and goodwill.

(d) To levy subscriptions and fees and to invest subscriptions and fees in an interest bearing account until such time as such fees and subscriptions require disbursement.

(e) To levy any membership or membership application fees as approved by the Annual General Meeting or a special General Meeting.

(f) The Committee shall have the power to nominate any member of the Club to a sub-committee for any specific purpose they may deem necessary to effect the purposes of the Club.

(g) To employ any member or non-Club member to assist in the operations of the club.

(h) Decide on any matters not covered by the rules.

14.3 The Duties of the Committee shall include:

(a) Keep members informed of activities and future events.

(b) Ensure confidentiality and discretion in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 when dealing with members’ personal information.

(c) Remain independent of any other groups, national, religious, ethnic or cultural.

(d) Restrict subscriptions and fees to cover normal operating costs.

(e) Acquire, purchase or lease such items or equipment necessary to carry out the function of the Club, but that purchase of Club assets over one thousand dollars must be approved by the Annual General or special General Meeting.


*** Committee Meetings (see rule 9.1)

15.1 There shall be an Executive Committee of the club consisting of no less than the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

15.2 There shall be a General Committee to of nine (9) members, one of whom will also have the portfolio of Vice-President.

15.3 No Committee member shall hold more than one portfolio at any time, other than the Vice-President under rule 15.2.

15.4 All Committee members on retirement from office are to hand club files and equipment to their successor immediately. Individual responsibilities of each committee member:

(a) President. Shall preside, control and oversee Club operations and all meetings. Co-ordinate the committee unit as a team. Ensure a quorum is present before a meeting is opened. Be completely impartial. Preserve order and conduct the meeting in a business-like manner in accordance with the constitution. Ensure that speakers keep to the point under discussion. Prevent private chatter or heckling and call speakers to apologise and withdraw offensive statements.

(b) Vice President. Shall take over and be responsible for Presidential duties in the absence of the President.

(c) Secretary Shall record minutes of all committee, Special and Annual General Meetings. Attend to all correspondence. Notify members of meetings. Have committee approval for and arrange distribution of Newsletter and Activity Programmes. The Secretary shall control all books and records applicable to the position, and ensure that they are properly filed and cared for, that on retirement from office they are handed to their successor immediately.

(d) Treasurer. Shall be responsible for recording and banking of club funds into such bank as the Committee may direct. Sending accounts. Issuing receipts on all monies received. Pay accounts, all payments from club funds shall be authorised by the Committee. Record and keep track of club assets. Submit a statement of all financial affairs of the Club at Committee and the Annual General Meetings

(e) General Committee Members. Elected as the most qualified to hold a specific portfolio under the following general headings they will have sole responsibility for all activities under their portfolio and answerable only to the Committee. Will be responsible for and will supervise the issue of Clubs equipment under their care.

Committee Member One – Outdoor Activities, Walks and Tramps.

Committee Member Two – Opera, theatre, ballet.

Committee Member Three – Dining out, meals, picnics.

Committee Member Four – Arts, crafts, museums, animals.

Committee Member Five – Indoor games, music, debating.

Committee member Six – Dancing, astronomy,cars, collecting.

Committee Member Seven – Membership and new membership applications.

Committee Member Eight – Sole duty as Editor to compile and produce Newsletter and Activity Programme.

Committee Member Nine – To promote the club to younger people.

15.5 As soon as possible following each AGM, Committee Member One is to attend an outdoor safety course, as approved by the Club, in a subject nominated by that particular Committee member and approved by the club committee, in each instance unless that particular portfolio holder has already completed a similar course it should initially be outdoor risk management.


16.1. Any Committee member must give one month notice in writing indicating their intention to retire from the Committee and if any Committee member dies during their tenure, then the appointment of a new Committee member [necessitated by death or retirement] shall as a matter of course be elected at the next Annual General Meeting or by Special General Meeting convened for the purpose of election of a new Committee member. The Committee may co-opt a replacement in the interim for continuity purposes until an elected member is appointed. *** Committee Meetings (See rule 9.2)


17.1 The name, address and occupation for members and the date each member applied for membership, their membership status, fee payment and activity attendances are to be recorded by the Club.

17.2 Completed Application Form original copies to be held by Committee Member Seven (refer 15.4 (e))

17.3 Minutes shall be kept of any Annual General, Special General or Committee meetings.

17.4 Computerised records will have full back up discs, held by two parties nominated by the Committee and that these discs be updated at regular two monthly intervals.

17.5 The Committee will delegate a person to regularly update our photo album records. These records shall be available for viewing on Club occasions. Club members who provide a photo, which is entered into the album, shall be financially reimbursed.


18.1 The Club through its Treasurer will keep proper books of account.

18.2 All funds received by or on behalf of the Club account will be paid into the Club’s bank or petty cash account.

18.3 All cheques and withdrawals drawn up on the Club account will be signed by two persons of the four designated by the committee and these signatories should be executive members.

18.4 The Committee may, on behalf of the Club, borrow or otherwise raise money in such a manner as it thinks fit and to secure repayment by the issue of debentures or by mortgages or charges upon the whole or part of the property or assets of the Club and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities, provided however that the committee shall not borrow or otherwise raise money in excess of the assets of the Club. However should the Committee wish to borrow funds for other than short term bank overdraft of no more than $500.00, they must obtain approval of two thirds of the financial members present at a Special Meeting. *** Purchases of over one thousand dollars (See rule 14.3e)

18.5 (a) If upon the winding up or dissolution of the club there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the club but shall be given or transferred to some other club or body having objects similar to the objects of this club, or to some other charitable organisation or purpose, within New Zealand.

(b) No addition to or alteration of the non-profit aims, personal benefit clause or the winding up clause shall be approved without the approval of Inland Revenue.

(c) The provisions and effect of clauses 18.5a and b shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document.

18.6 The members of the committee and other members shall be indemnified by the club for all losses and expenses incurred by them in or about the discharge of their respective duties except such as shall result from their own respective willful default.

18.7 Standard procedure for payment of accounts : -

(a) Accounts to be paid monthly.

(b) All accounts due for payment must be approved by a committee meeting prior to payment of the account.

(c) Cheques to be written and signed following the committee meeting.

(d) For incidental sums, a cash float approved by the committee will be available to the Treasurer.

(e) For payments or an account of an urgent nature for which no provision has been made at an approval of three Executive Committee members or two Executive Committee members and two other Committee members arrange to have that payment made.

18.8 Members proposing to attend training courses involving funds obtained for the Club, must apply in writing, to the Committee, giving reasons for the course and how it will benefit the Club. No bookings shall be made, or fund committed without prior approval of the Committee.

18.9 At the discretion of the committee, events of general appeal and open to all members may be subsidised where excess funds are available. Excess would be limited to above $5,000.


19.1. At least once in every year, the books, accounts and vouchers of the Club shall be examined by an auditor appointed for the purpose by the Committee. The auditor shall be required to certify to the correctness of the balance sheet, or if unable to do so, report to members accordingly. The auditor shall at all reasonable times, have access to all books, accounts and records of the club, and may question any officer of the club with reference on these matters. The auditor shall be a suitable auditor/accountant and must not be a member of the Committee.


20.1. The financial year of the Club shall be from the first (1st) August to the thirty-first (31st) July.


21.1 The registered office of the Club will be the address of the current Secretary. Any change of address shall be delivered to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.


22.1. The Common Seal of the Club will be kept by the Secretary and may only be affixed in the presence of the President and Secretary and one other Executive member.

22.2. The Common Seal will be affixed with the signatures of two persons designated by the Club.


23.1 Members should confirm attendance at functions beforehand.

23.2 Members will be charged for any expense incurred by the Club on their behalf which cannot be on-sold or cancelled.

23.3 Booking deposits may be forfeited should a member fail to attend or cancel after the advertised cut-off date.

23.4 Where bonds are required for activities, Club funds will normally be used. Unless otherwise approved by the Committee, any deficit or shortfall will be met by members participating in that activity.

23.5 The standard of dress at functions should be appropriate for the occasion.


24.1 The Committee reserves the right of admission to any function.

24.2 Before financial members can invite non-members to a club function, they must first obtain permission from the function organizer.

24.3 The maximum number of non-members per member will normally be three but could be varied at the discretion of the function organizer.

24.4 All financial members will be held fully responsible for the actions of their guest(s).

24.5 Any member or their guest(s) who cause damage to the club, or property for which the club is responsible for, will make full restitution for that damage, and may be subjected to clause six of the constitution [Termination of Membership].

24.6 The function organizer has the right to refuse admission and/or eject from any function anyone deemed to be displaying anti-social behaviour and then be subject to rule 6.4.

24.7 Any person suspected of being under the influence or in possession of illegal substances at a function, will be subject to rule six.

24.8 No animal may be brought to a club function without the prior approval of the function organizer.